Our Partners

Expertline has a worldwide network of partners providing services and solutions
to different applications involving separation and filtration technology.

Airfilter Engineering

Air Filter Engineering

High Efficiency Compressed Air/Gas Microfilter, Alternative Elements for all major brands, Compressed Air/Gas Dryer-Heatless and Vacuum Regenerative.

Brooks Instrument

Brooks Instruments

Flow, Pressure and Level Measurement and Control Solutions; Mass Flow Controllers/Meters, Oval Gear/Variable Area Meters, Pressure Valves/Controllers/Switches and Indicators, Vacuum Products, Direct Injection Vaporizer.

Cobetter Filtration


Liquid and Gas Filtration Products and Vessels, Membrane Laboratory Filters, FIltration System Design and Supply.



Hydraulic System Replacement Filters, Mobile Filtration Systems, Fluid Conditioning (Lubricating and Transformer Oil), valves and manifolds, pumps, power units, cyclinders, accumulators, electronics and sensors, heat exchangers/coolers. Design, Supply and Maintenance.



Condensate Management (Zero Purge Loss Electronic and Pneumatic Drains, Timer Drains), Oil Water Separation Equipment.

KOCH Membrane Systems


Combined Solution Approach to all your Filtration Challenges.



Compressed Air System Design, Parts and Maintenance Services, Expertaire Compressors and Refrigeration Dryers, Air Receiver Tanks, AHU Consumable (Primary, Secondary and HEPA/ULPA Filters) Supply and Installation.

AOSIF Power Generator


Devoted to the R&D and manufacturing of diesel generator sets Mobile Generators, Silent Generators, Open Generators and Gas Generators.



Sterile Ultra Pure and Steam Filter, Medical Filter Breathing Air/Gas Dryer Systems

Graver Technologies

Graver Technologies, LLC serves the industrial filtration, separation, and purification needs of companies around the globe. We offer a broad selection of high performance specialty ion exchange resins, proprietary adsorbents, filter membranes and  pleated cartridges for the most demanding application environments.